Gotta Love Muck Diving

Last weekend at Pulau Hantu, the visibility was absolutely terrible! It was daunting for first timers, and a little stressful for the guides because we always hope for the best conditions for our first timers! Regulars however, remained super enthusiastic and still saw a lot of critters during their dive! Diving at Pulau Hantu is a lot about attitude! If you’ve got the right one, you’re surely to be nicely rewarded. Above: Goniopora coral


Cave coral

Silty cushion sea star

Flatworms everywhere!

Flatworm surmounts a sponge

Feather duster tubeworm

Orange-spotted pipefish

A lump of dirt? That’s exactly what this hermit crab wants you to think!

Variable fang blenny in its glass bottle house (see video)

I also managed to startle, and be startled by, this large cuttlefish! I was busy photographing a flatworm when I suddenly noticed a pair of eyes right next to my shoulder. I made a small yelp from behind my mask and the cuttlefish turned pale and fled! But it calmed down soon after and allowed me to take this video.

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