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Coral Relocation and Oil Slick Response

Date October 9, 2013

On 8 October 2013, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) invited the Hantu Blog, and several other stakeholders including International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS), Nature Society of Singapore (NSS), National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore Environment Council (SEC), Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF), to meet and discuss the developments of Tuas Port and potential impact […]

Sea turtles nesting in Singapore

Date July 28, 2013

Last weekend, David Tan, a volunteer with the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity sighted something extraordinary along our shores – a sea turtle preparing its nest along East Coast Beach! This was indeed a very unique and special experience that very few people in the world get to witness. And it’s mind-blowing to consider that a […]

Festival of Biodiversity – No need to dive!

Date July 9, 2013

Don’t dive? No worries! This weekend the Hantu Bloggers will join several nature groups at Vivocity to bring nature and wildlife into the malls and into your hearts! Ever wondered what we can see in the seas around Singapore? This is your chance! Not only will you be able to visit our seas, but you’ll […]

Hantu Blog 10th Anniversary Organic Cotton Tee!

Date April 15, 2013

Celebrate local reefs with our 10th Anniversary commemorative t-shirt, made from organic, unbleached cotton! Purchase it online NOW at BGO Ecoshop! This 10th Anniversary commemorative tee features a Tigertail seahorse (Hippocampus comes), a species of seahorse that finds shelter in the reefs of Pulau Hantu. Seahorses are threatened throughout their range by habitat loss, and […]

Public Perception on Dolphins in Captivity

Date April 9, 2012

A recent survey on the perceptions of Singaporeans on the captivity of dolphins has revealed that at least 60% of people surveyed were in support of dolphins in captivity. This is extremely interesting as it has important repercussions on how we proceed with public education in Singapore. To know more, please see attached poster. I […]

Green, Mean, Awesome Machines of the Sea!

Date December 3, 2011

Marine biologist Siti M. Yaacub will be giving a talk about sea grasses at the National Geographic Store at VivoCity next Saturday, 10 December, at 2.30PM. Seagrass meadows are one of the most productive ecosystems on earth but ask around and chances are, no one knows what they are! Are they algae? Are they seaweed? […]

Marine Talks at National Geographic Store

Date November 29, 2011

On Saturday, it was my turn to give a talk at the National Geographic Store at Vivocity. I’m really happy that the store decided to create this marine month for a few of us to share with others our experience of exploring our seas and coastline. Walking around the store, we see a lot of […]

The Hantu Blogger Speaks!

Date November 21, 2011

As a part of the National Geographic Store‘s Marine Month, Hantu Blogger Debby Ng will be speaking instead of blowing through her regulator, all in an effort to share her experience of diving and exploring Singapore’s reefs for the past nine years! There’s no better way to spend the weekend! (Apart from an actual dive […]

The City Reef at Keppel Bay

Date November 7, 2011

Hantu Blog volunteers were a part of the effort to help discover and document the marine life beneath the Marina at Keppel Bay. The Marina has put together a wonderful website for what is now known as the City Reef at Keppel Bay.

What’s Hiding in the Seabed?

Date October 6, 2011

What creature of local waters is peeking out from just beneath the sandy seabed? Can you try and guess? We will release a new hint each day till someone guesses what the creature is! Visit our Flickr for details! Post your guesses in the comment fields in our Flickr, Facebook or Blog! See more amazing […]