Copper-banded Butterflyfish Feeding

A pair of Copperband Butterflyfish, Chelmon rostratus, feeding along the reefs of Singapore’s Pulau Hantu. Butterflyfishes are corallivores, that means they eat coral. As such, the species is used as an environmental indicator for the health of a reef.

Singapore’s First Crowd-sourced Nature Documentary

A community project based on the contributions of Singapore’s naturalist community, this documentary explores a simple question that Singaporeans often ask – “Singapore got wildlife, meh?” and sheds some light on the amazing animals found in Singapore, from the elusive common palm civet to the elegant blue-spotted fantail ray.

Anemone City

If anyone’s looking for Nemo, he’s in Anemone City – a reef slope along one of Singapore’s patch reefs with a huge cluster of anemones!