Marine Life & Me: An Event at East Coast Park

Date November 24, 2013

At the Marine Life & Me event w Toddycats and Giving Guru... on TwitpicVolunteers from Giving Gurus share the facts about "Nemo... on TwitpicIf you live in the east drop by ECP Food Village to learn abo... on Twitpic

Spurred by news about sea turtles coming to nest on Singapore shores, a group of NIE teacher trainees decided something needed to be done to raise public awareness about the need to protect our shores, sea turtles, and their eggs, so that Singapore can continue to be a birth place for these rare and endangered creatures!

Marine Life & Me: an awareness drive, 23-24 Nov, 9am-6pm, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, East Coast Park. Bring your family down! Read the rest of this entry »

Return of the Devil

Date October 28, 2013

It’s been almost a decade since I last saw one of these at Pulau Hantu. At first glance, it looks like any ordinary scorpionfish. Well, actually, at first glance it looks like sand, but upon closer inspection, one would be able to make out a fish. This stealthy and venomous predator is known commonly as the Demon stinger, Devil Stinger, or Indian Ocean walkman Inimicus didactylus. Above: The Demon stinger is a piscivorous ambush predator. It is nocturnal and typically lies partially buried on the sea floor or on a coral head during the day, covering itself with sand and other debris to further camouflage itself. Once dug in, it is very reluctant to leave its hiding place. [1] Read the rest of this entry »

Sharks in Singapore Waters!

Date October 23, 2013

During our dive at Pulau Hantu over the weekend, we were lucky to encounter a young pair of what we believe to be Brown-banded bamboo sharks Chiloscyllium punctatum.

Four other species of bamboo shark have been recorded to occur in Singapore, the grey bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium griseum), Hasselt’s bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium hasselti), white-spotted bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium plagiosum), and slender bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium indicum), a small species inhabiting sandy coastal waters that is occasionally caught by anglers.

Clear Waters and a Crib for Sharks

Date October 21, 2013

Divers at Pulau Hantu enjoyed outstanding underwater visibility over the weekend. It was rather disorienting. We’re much used to figuring out where we are half a meter at a time, and now all of a sudden we had to compute four meters of landscape at a go. It was a real challenge, but we got the hang of it eventually. Above, a Tomato clown anemonefish peeps out of its host anemone as schools of damsels congregate along the shallow reefs. Read the rest of this entry »

Coral Relocation and Oil Slick Response

Date October 9, 2013

On 8 October 2013, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) invited the Hantu Blog, and several other stakeholders including International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS), Nature Society of Singapore (NSS), National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore Environment Council (SEC), Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF), to meet and discuss the developments of Tuas Port and potential impact on neighboring Sultan Shoal. Also present at the meeting were scientists from the National University of Singapore’s Department of Biological Sciences and the Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI). Read the rest of this entry »

The Least Remote Reef

Date October 6, 2013

Hypselodoris bulockii and its egg ribbon PHOTO: Mathieu Meur

Mathieu Meur has been photographing the underwater world for over 20 years. On his photo blog, he writes, “I’m fortunate to dive some of the nicest, and sometimes most remote, corners of our planet.” Among his list of dive sites that include Micronesia and Costa Rica, is our humble little city reef, Pulau Hantu. Read the rest of this entry »

Salvaging Efforts at Pulau Hantu: Follow Up

Date September 24, 2013

Hantu SalvageHantu Salvage
Hantu Blog received an encouraging email from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)  today as a follow up to the dumping incident and salvaging efforts that occurred at Pulau Hantu between July and August 2013. The following is the email we received from MPA Chief Executive, Lam Yi Young: Read the rest of this entry »

Shelter from the Storm

Date September 16, 2013

When it looks like this underwater, it can be hard to tell… Read the rest of this entry »

Sharks, Slugs & Suckerfish

Date August 19, 2013

Hanging out on Pulau Hantu’s reef flat in a huge anemone yesterday, were at least five False-clown anemonefish Amphiprion ocellaris, three of which popped out to say hello. These are just one of the many kinds of unique fish that can be found in local waters. Read the rest of this entry »

Hantu Blog on National Radio!

Date August 14, 2013

In case you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to Hantu Blogger, Debby Ng, share her experiences of diving in Singapore waters at the 938Live website!