Blog Log! June 17

A nice coral head Last Sunday wasn’t too good a day for being outdoors. As you all might know, we had torrential rains almost all of last week, which probably accounted for the disappointing or rather, challenging visibility conditions at the island. A phyllidia sea slug To add to that, we thought that as we …

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Animal release

White Manta Diving, a local dive operator will be conducting an “Adopt-a-fish” program over the weekend in areas that include the Johor Marine Park and the Anambas archipelago. For an adoption fee of between $18-$90, tourists can release a frogfish, a pair of seahorses or a pair of mandarinfish into reefs close to the dive …

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Ambiguous goby

The “goby?” photographed in last weekend’s Blog Log on May 27th has been identified as Amblygobius decussatus. Zeehan Jaafar from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, explains: “We have not seen this species although historically known, but not in the museum specimens, except once individual from Jeff Low’s photo 8 months ago.”

Star studded Sentosa

The Wildfilms crew made a visit to Sentosa’s shores which are due for reclamation. Read about the dilemmas of raising awareness of our shores and view some of the amazing wildlife that can be spotted, such as mooncrabs (above) and Nemos, on the wildfilms blog.

Blog Log May 27

Despite the recent spade of torrential rains, the skies cleared up for us last Sunday. We set out on our bum boat to Hantu Island. We were informed that morning that boat prices will increase in July, which might affect the cost of our dives when July comes, so please be alert to the possibility …

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Summing up Sentosa

Wildfilms blogger writes… “And the saddest thing about this is that this section of the beach is doomed for reconstruction – carparks and whatnots. All these pretty critters will dissapear and be replaced with clean, spartan concrete.”“[T]he underwater world, purported to showcase the marine world to the tourists, has all of 2 or 3 coral …

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